Sarah Shepley

I had the good fortune to volunteer with the children of BNC. Wonderful,enthusiastic children along with dedicated volunteers makes for an excellent program and a wonderful way to give back to the community of Vilcabamba.

The design of the program integrates both the development of language skills along with creativity. Both of these are “ languages “ in their own right and wonderful  for brain development, emotional connectivity along with creative problem solving - whenever individuals gather to promote healthy activities , there is a synergistic result :  Healthy integration of body/ mind/spirit. The continued support of donations and materials is crucial to the ongoing success of this program. An Incredible Asset for the community of Vilcabamba , BNV inspires confidence and hope for the children of this small community.



Lollie Hoxie

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in your sweet biblioteca experience! The children are bright and fun and they seem to really love the projects you provide for them. I enjoyed working with Dominica and Emily on their English. 




Christy Kennedy

I've really enjoyed my time teaching art projects to the children of Vilcabamba at the Biblioteca. I've worked with children in various capacities my whole life, and it has been a privilege to volunteer here. My experience has been that these kids are enthusiastic, excited, and creative. They absolutely love to learn, and always appreciate the time we give them.



Elena Noonan

The children at the Biblioteca will win your heart! They are enthusiastic and artistic. Without any prompting they help each other and share our limited materials. Every child enjoys books, art projects and wants to learn English.

During this, my second year at the Biblioteca, I have increased my involvement because it is so rewarding. I appreciate the opportunity to nurture the children’s love of learning. The volunteers here touch the future of Ecuador.



Other Volunteers